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AIS Strength & Conditioning Gym

TMC's Involvement






Project Details


The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is Australia’s leading sports agency. Each year, it discovers and trains many of our country’s highest performing athletes – who regularly go on to become Olympic and Paralympic champions. The AIS world class training facility in Canberra is widely used by these athletes. It’s also a main feature of the Visitor’s Tour experience. The Modern Creative was tasked with transforming a 200 square metre white wall in the AIS Strength and Conditioning Gym. In addition to adding a dramatic visual to an otherwise uninspiring space, we needed to create a design that would reduce the level of glare without impacting the natural light in the room.

Using specialist design principles and materials, we set out to turn the space on its head by making the wall a source of illumination, rather than glare. We also wanted to make an impact with colour and images that would inspire athletes during training, and reinforce the brand and culture of the AIS.

The AIS Strength and Conditioning Gym now features dye sub printed fabrics with weighted rods across the 200 square metre wall. Our visual canvas showcases Australia’s sporting culture, and acts as a light box – illuminating the room while removing the glare. We also added branding elements to the opposing walls in the form of large scale lines, shapes and logos.

By completion, we had delivered:
Large format printed fabric banners
Environmental Graphics
Wall Graphics
3D Fabrication Lettering Logo Shapes